Welcome ! We are Fixy Innovations

We Transform new ideas into innovative products and services that can compete across both local and global markets.

Our Services

As Fixy Innovations we offer a wide variety of services.


We are in the business of transforming the digital age in Sri Lanka. So as a company our main goal is to innovate product and services that create an impact on both locally and globally. Check out our latest product FIXY, an online service marketplace app

Software Developments

We do software product design and development for external clients. Currently we have few clients in Sri Lanka, Australia and US. This subsidiary is exposed under the brandname FixyDev

Branding and Digital Marketing

With an excellent team specialized in digital marketing we offer this service for external clients.

Startup Product Development

Under the subsidiary FixyDev we offer software development services. With our highly skilled team, we are able to efficiently plan, design and deliver your products with guranteed premium standard. We develop both mobile and web applications with a wider variety of tech-stacks

Our Projects

As a company we crave for Innovation

Fixy Innovations is not all about Freelancing. As a company our vision is to contribute to the global innovation cycle. To achieve that goal, our team of experts utilize their creativity, their time to introduce products of our own. Fixy is one such software application that is capable of revolutionizing the service marketplaces.